When shipping cameras for repair, please ship via¬†USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I personally pick up all delivery at the post office. NO packages get left at my doorstep .. unless you ship via UPS or FedEx … and guess what, USPS is just as fast and just as reliable, and less expensive than the other two.

When I receive your package, I do not open it until I actually bring it to the worktable. I simply mark it with date of arrival and that date determines when it gets worked on. Two reasons I do not open packages before I work on them is:
a) NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can get lost !!!!
b) If my wife ever has to deal with my stuff, all she would have to do is take all the packages to the Post Office and do the “RETURN TO SENDER” thingy.

Thanks for understanding.
Best Regards,