Service Costs

Please note – all prices listed here are approximate! Email me for an exact quote.


Isolette I & II ( 6×6 ), Record I & II ( 6×9 )
Basic CLA of shutter & lenses, with new bellows – $105

Isolette III, Record III
Basic CLA of shutter & lenses, with new bellows – $130

Super Isolette
Basic CLA of shutter, lenses, rangefinder, focusing helical – $100
also with new bellows – $150


Super Ikonta B (530, 532, & 533 series)
Basic CLA of shutter, lens, rangefinder, film wind/advance – $150+
also with new bellows – $210

Super Ikonta III & IV
Basic CLA of shutter, lens, rangefinder, film wind/advance – $125
also with new bellows – $185

Super Ikonta 6×9
Basic CLA of Shutter, lens, rangefinder, body – $125
also with new bellows – $185

Non rangefinder models 6×6 or 6×9
Basic CLA of shutter, lens & body – $85
also with new bellows – $145

Certo Six

Basic CLA of shutter, lens, body & replace/calibrate rangefinder mirror/prism – $125
also with new bellows – $190

Other folders

Prices are similar to above.

The above prices are a guide and not absolutes, depends on individual cameras as well. I am a one man operation. As I’ve stated, I’ve retired from my 12hr a day job to my hobby as a ¾ time job… and sometimes when the wife says “honey-do”, work slows for a day or two . It is my passion to do this work, but I do it for fun. You are not dealing with a corporation here… I’m not B&H! I do stand behind my work and if something is not right, don’t get all bent out of shape… just send it back and I will make all efforts to get it right for you or replace the item. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of or felt like they’ve been ripped off. Also, please remember we’re dealing with a half-century-old objects here that have been through many different hands, some of which have not been too kind. If you are looking for mint specimens to put in your display case, you might look elsewhere. My objective is to have excellent working cameras that look as good as possible… I make no pretense at “mint”…. Though I come close at times.

I also take some of the various models of Isolettes and Hapo 66e’s and totally refurbish them with new bellows, naturally, but also with new exterior coverings. These are a fun experience and give you something different, and I think something “cool” to set you apart from the next guy. Some just with new body covering and some will also be stripped of their chrome and polished to a bright brass finish.

In all cases, please feel free to contact me for your needs and or desires, Remember, a medium format camera in your pocket is better than the one you left at home because it is too heavy/bulky to lug around!!


What follows is an email I sent to a customer recently and needs to be shared with interested folder aficionados with a craving for an Agfa Super Isolette… and settling for the enticingly low-priced eBay Iskra, the Russian “knock off” of the Super Isolette. (Pssssssssst….. It’s cheaper for a reason … read on…)

“The Iskra however is another story. Just recently I decided that I will no longer repair Iskras … and your example simply verified that decision. Unfortunately, Iskras in near perfect condition can be awesome picture takers. Alas, such an Iskra is more rare than orchids in Iceland! The vast majority of Iskras that I have seen in the last year were sorry excuses for cameras, cameras that were in fact far beyond the point of economical and logical repairs. It is not just readjustment or the replacing of a spring to make these cameras worthy again… all too often, the cameras are just simply ‘worn out’… and the somewhat sloppy Russian Cold War manufacturing tolerances and choice and quality of materials bear much of the blame. Add to that the numnerous repairs that previous owners have tried to make their Iskras usable… and its just a headache and frustration that I no longer can endure. I have at least 8 Iskras sitting here that people have sent me and are actually totally useless. Shame too, as the Russian optics are really first rate, shame its in such a ( now ) worthless camera. Too bad !!!”