The Origins of this Website

In August of 2003 my wife again forced me to take her to her favorite place on the New Jersey shore, Spring Lake. Actually my favorite too. I personally hate the beach… love seashores that are scenic marvels. So we kinda compromise, she lays on the beach all day and I go off and search for places to photograph. Unlike the shoreline of Maine, or my favorite… Newfoundland, Canada, the Jersey shore at Spring Lake offers no natural wonders to entice me to take the camera out of the bag. However, Spring Lake does offer many man made wonders in the beautiful and manicured homes that are merely yards away from the beach. Staying in Spring Lake is almost only possible in Bed and Breakfast facilities. While over the years we’ve stayed in quite a few, my favorite is the White Lilac. It’s actually further from the beach than many, but its rooms are as nice as any — it has on premises parking and the owner / staff are utmost friendly and helpful.

So, while my wife did her thing on the beach… I spent the days riding around shooting all those man made wonders, the palatial homes to the “rich & probably not so famous” of Spring Lake. And at night I spent starting to write this text for my website. My objective was to shoot several shots with each of a number of folders that I normally service and sell.

The purpose of this site is to discuss the folders that I regularly service and sell… and USE!