Vintage Folding Cameras

Vintage Folding Cameras

A Word From Jurgen

Photography, especially with classic cameras is my passion. I love the cameras from the 1950s through 1980s, especially old “folders.” I have a particular passion for Agfa Isolettes & Records in 6×6 & 6×9 negative sizes. Zeiss Ikon Ikonta and Nettar folders are my second choice!

My passion has taken me to restore these cameras to FULL functionality — complete restoration with NEW bellows, cleaning / adjusting shutters, rangefinders, & focusing cells. My prices are VERY reasonable and serve to put more of these classic cameras in the pockets of fans like you. Now we can enjoy Medium Format photography with the tools our parents and grandparents used to record our mid-century. Simply e-mail your questions for your restoration. Thanks and Have a Great Day!!

Jurgen Kreckel

Owner | Certo6


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Musings from our first three years

Since I first wrote the webpage for my website here at Spring Lake, N.J., I've wanted to write a few follow-ups/corrections, and additions to that first venture three years ago.

2018 Certo6 Repair Guidelines

Repairs usually begin with an e-mail where the customer describes his camera and what they think the problem is and an inquiry as to cost and turn-a-round time.